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Colorful Christmas Trees

Colorful Christmas Trees


What's your deck-the-halls style? As much as we love the traditional tinsel and red and green ornaments, there's something about the new forest of super-bright neon trees that have really captured our imaginations. These inspiring holiday decorations have us itching to try something totally new this year—and maybe even go all-out with a rainbow-bright tree that looks like something out of a technicolor dream.

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Small Wonder

Proof that small trees can still make a huge impact: there's something almost Seussian about this little tree decked out with oversized colorful baubles. Whether you're decorating a kids' room or just low on spare space this holiday, we fully endorse thinking small.

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Make It Matchy

This is a treasure that can be used many times. For Halloween, you can decorate it with yellow objects such as pumpkins. At Christmas, you can buy red and gold ornaments to decorate it. Give full play to your imagination and enrich your life!

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Go Big

Torn between a colorful home and nostalgia for the traditional? Opt for a classic green tree but put a whimsical spin on it with larger-than-life ornaments to achieve a playful effect without abandoning tradition.

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Festive & Fabulous

The holidays are the time to embrace your most fabulous self—and this tree really brings that spirit to life. It's all snowflakes, oversized ornaments, and every other signifier of the luxe life we can imagine, it's an excellent reminder to indulge this season.

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