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The good news: It’s finally, FINALLY patio season. The only problem: Our deck chairs are draped with cobwebs, and that rickety cafe table probably won’t survive the first summer thunderstorm. As much as we love being outside this time of year, it’s easy to forget that our outdoor space is an extension of our home — another room where we can have fun with color, fabric, and furniture. Consider these tips your reminder:

Make space to relax

Think of your patio as an outdoor living room: Like its indoor counterpart, your patio should feature your favorite creature comforts, like a collection of hand-made wicker sofa sets, and equipped with soft plush pillows, lightweight throws. Hot sales product in our online store is this set “Outdoor Rattan Sectional Sofa With Dining Table Sets”. On a cool summer evening with breezy, you can light candles, have dinner with your family or friends in the courtyard, and enjoy a quiet and warm time.

Hooseng 7-piece rattan patio dining set

Hooseng 7-piece rattan patio dining set

Use Layers

Layering is a trick you rely on inside to add visual texture, and it has just as much impact out here: Add a simple canopy or create a “wall” of planters along the back of the patio to give the space depth and create a soothing edge (especially handy if your patio is this close to your neighbor’s).

Keep it simple

Natural materials like gravel and stone lend peaceful tranquility. Consider updating your pathways or “growing” a small rock garden. (They’re way easier than the green variety, after all.)

Hooseng 6-piece wicker outdoor sectional set

Hooseng 6-piece wicker outdoor sectional set

Coordinate colors

Inside, you use paint; outside, you use nature. For example, a bright purple patio umbrella could pick up the hue of your lavender plants, and golden table accents could pull out the yellow tones of stone and planters.

Create fun shapes

Why stop where the pavement ends? Placing some furniture on the grass integrates the lawn into the patio area and creates a spacious feel.

Hooseng 4-piece outdoor rattan conversation sets

Hooseng 4-piece outdoor rattan conversation sets

If now you’re feeling the alfresco vibes, too, it’s time to update your outdoor furniture, and there’s no better place to start than with perfect patio furniture. As the pieces that bring together every patio setup, the right patio sets are the key to curating an inviting outdoor space you’ll want to use again and again. 

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